Total architectual and building integration

Sileto tile is photovoltaic roof tile, Marseille type, made in recyclable plastic resin. That helps reduction of pollution using renewable energy resources (by solar energy), contributing to sustainable development, reducing emissions of CO2, realizing fully architectural and integrated solar roofs.

Architectual integration and environmental impact

Sileo tile could be combined with the most types of terracotta roof tiles. The power is higher than the first generation of photovoltaic tiles, like illustrated below:


Nominal power of 1 GIELLENERGY-TILE® Ultra:

18,00 Wp

Nominal power of 1 GIELLENERGY-TILE® Standard:

9,00 Wp

m2 of Photovoltaic roof , necessary for 1 kW (0,99) system:

8,60 m2

N° of GIELLENERGY-TILE® or Ultra necessary for 1 m2:

13/6,5 Pcs.

N° of GIELLENERGY-TILE® or Ultra necessary for 1 KW (0.99) system:

110/55 Pcs.

N° of GIELLENERGY-TILE® or Ultra necessary for 3 KW (2.97) system:

330/165 Pcs.


The power of the Sileo Tile

GIELLENERGY-TILE® is specially designed for installing on buildings in historic and special areas for its limited architectural impact. The dimensions and shape of the tile is identic to traditional roof tiles and integration between other roof elements is perfect. At the same time the GIELLENERGY-TILE® are a building roof element, are generator of electric energy, with high architectural quality. For these reasons it’s considered a BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics). The GIELLENERGY- TILE® is the first BIPV product in Italy which is certified ieC 61215 and ieC61730-2, from“eurofins laboratories”, Modulo Uno. In the last years were made many new laws in many
European regions, regarding new construction of buildings or partly reconstructions, to impose and improve the installation of renewable energy systems, integrated or mounted on rooftops and facades, for generating at least 50% of the energy needed for the build. These rules begin to be obligatory and is not possible to obtain licence of building without such system. But in many cases, like architectural places, old city centers or public buildings, is not possible to install standard photovoltaic modules for their high architectonic impact of the surrounding environment.. In this case the GIELLENERGY- TILE® is smart solution, because of its total integration and excellent architectonic.

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