Easy installation and integration

Another excellent feature of Sileo is the easy installation: the same of traditio-nal terracotta rooftiles installation. It can be made by the same technicians who are mounting the terracotta roof tiles (only for fixing the tiles, without cabling and other activities) and it is not necessary to call special technicians. There isn’t need special structure on the roof, but it’s only required the classic wooden battens of dimensions minimum 4×4 cm.

So, for the proper installation, there isn’t need to use different supports and elements because the PV tiles are fixed directly on the wooden battens and posed with the classic terracotta roof tiles, which helps the final result of esthetic and architectonic view. Only a a is needed , as illustrated, for fixing each tile in three different points; this is very usefull, especially for the roofs with more than 50% inclination or in areas with high winds.

Sileo Tile is matching perfectly with more of the Marseille type roof tiles (Standard or Vario) existing on the market. On the picture is illustrated the rooftop ready, covered with traditional terracotta tiles on the first row and also with middle row of ceramic rooftiles, in order to facilitate the passing and maintenance.

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