Technical characteristics

Sileo Tile is designed in a way to facilitate the air flow and temperature exchange, avoiding temperature peaks, which can decrease the performance of the solar cells. In addition on the solar roof are mounted some ventilation roof tiles, available on the market, to help air flow and Ventilation under the tiles in Direction bottom-up of the roof.

Shadow – Hot Spot effect

It is known that only slight shadow over the standard module with area less than 10% could cost a power lost of more than 50%. Sileo Tile is designed to avoid shadow, because the PV part is inside the frame, without elevated and shadowing parts: shadows free! In addition, in each Sileo Tile is inserted a by-pass diode,which excludes the tile from the system (each tile) in case of problems, due to shadows of vegetation, other buildings, birds, chimneys, which during the day could cause shadows.

High mechanical strenght reduced weight

The Sileo Tile mechanical and weather resistance is significantly higher than traditional terracotta tiles resistance for special material who it’s made. At the same time the traditional “terracotta” tiles have more weight than Sileo Tile. So the PV tile helps to obtain more mechanical strength with lighter roof weight (more than 50%) and increase the energy efficiency class of the building.

Sileo Tile is made in thermoplastic resin at high mechanical and thermal characteristics (yield strength bending 100 N/mm2 at 23° C).
The Tiles in thermoplastic self-extinguishing material are available on demand
(in conformity with “UL 94 V0/V1”)

Sileo Tile® can be produced, on demand, in colors and tones almost identical to those of the context where tiles will be installed: for example in wildlife parks, fun fairs, playgrounds, schools and public buildings or in other Country, for example in Northern or Eastern Europe the colour that could you find is ardesia, blue, ecc…

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